Responsible Gaming

First and foremost, gambling is entertainment. Most people see online betting as a bit of fun or just something to do at the weekend. For other, more vulnerable people, gambling can be a pathway to a dark place. Make no mistake, gambling can be addictive.

Although we want our readers to enjoy gambling and everything that goes with it, we also acknowledge that it has the potential to be dangerous. In this piece, we will in detail how you can stay safe and gamble responsibly. If you feel that further help is needed, we’ll provide links to organizations that specialize in supporting those suffering from a gambling addiction.

Should you or anyone you know begin feeling as though gambling is taking over your life, or becoming a problem, please do not hesitate to get help. There are people out there who will listen, and perhaps more importantly, care.

How to Stay in Control of Your Gambling

Before talking about the warning signs of gambling addiction, we’d like to go through some notes on how to make sure that you manage your gambling in the right way. It’s easy to get caught up in a big loss and seek that next big win, but there are more important things in life than just money. Before you make that next bet, here are some questions to ask yourself:

The most important thing to remember is that while you can’t always win back the money you’ve lost, you can keep the money you still have. Never bet when you’re chasing a loss. Here are some pieces of advice on how you can stay safe gambling online:

Often-times people see gambling as more than just entertainment. The reality is that it’s not a money-maker, just as visiting a restaurant isn’t a guarantee of getting a good meal. If you order food at a restaurant and don’t like it, you don’t order meal after meal until you find a tasty one. You stop and go home.

How to Get Help in Ireland

Here, we will leave links to various organizations that can support anyone that feels out of control when gambling. Some of these support systems are based in Ireland, while others may be based abroad.

Additional support can be found at:

GamCare - A charity determined to create helpful systems and strategies for people suffering from gambling addiction. Their goal is to make the world aware of problem gambling and ensure that anyone struggling gets the necessary support.

BetBlocker - BetBlocker provides a service that allows users to block their devices from gambling sites. It’s free and supported by thousands of gambling websites.

BeGambleAware - Striving to raise awareness of the struggles that come with gambling addiction, BeGambleAware provides funding, help and support for those in need.